Students pushing for change in Catholic Church

Students pushing for change in Catholic Church



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SAMMAMISH — Students aren’t giving up their fight for the ex-Vice Principal, Mark Zmuda, ho says he lost his job because he’s married to a man.

SIGNREMOVALSeven students met with the school’s president Monday morning hoping to bring change to the school’s stance on same-sex marriage.

But there weren’t any protests because the administration was threatening to kick students off campus and call their parents if they missed any classes.

School employees removed protest signs that were hanging on the fence outside of the school.

The protests started just before Christmas when hundreds of students took to the streets.  They were upset about the removal of Vice Principal and swim coach Mark Zmuda.

Zmuda worked at the private school for more than a year, but his employment ended when administrators found out he was married to a man.

In an interview with one of his students, Zmuda said school administrators told him that he could save his job by divorcing his husband – but that was something he wouldn’t do.

The kids who got a chance to speak one-on-one with ’s CEO and president, Mary Tracy, said the conversation was respectful. They also said Tracy regrets how Zmuda’s termination was handled.

“We appreciate her feelings towards the matter,” said Senior Ian Edwards who attended Monday’s meeting. “It’s comforting to know it wasn’t an easy issue for her, but we’re still pushing for a change in this kind of attitude from the Catholic Church of discrimination in the work place.”

According to an email sent out to faculty, Eastside Catholic has already hired Zmuda’s replacement — it’s a man who has worked at the school in prior years.

Eastside Catholic students are planning another protest they call “Z” day on January 31st. That’s when supporters of Zmuda will all be wearing orange.

They’re hoping that message reaches the Catholic Church, hoping it convinces the right people to change the church’s stance on same-sex marriage.


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